The corrupt officials of a small Russian town, headed by the Mayor, react with terror to the news that an incognito inspector will soon be arriving in their town to investigate them. The news is of course received by the postmaster, intercepting all the mail – standard procedure. The flurry of activity to cover up their considerable misdeeds is interrupted by the rumour that a suspicious person has arrived two weeks previously from Saint Petersburg and is staying at the inn. That person, however, is not an inspector; it is Khlestakov, a playboy civil servant with a wild imagination... Hilarity ensues in this chaotic, corrupt comedy.

The Government Inspector is often said to be Nikolai Gogol’s masterpiece, a comedy of errors that provides clever commentary on the extensive political wrongdoing of Imperial Russia, satirizing human greed, stupidity and political corruption. According to D. S. Mirsky, the play "is not only supreme in character and dialogue – it is one of the few Russian plays constructed with unerring art from beginning to end. The great originality of its plan consisted in the absence of all love interest and of sympathetic characters. The latter feature was deeply resented by Gogol's enemies, and as a satire the play gained immensely from it. There is not a wrong word or intonation from beginning to end, and the comic tension is of a quality that even Gogol did not always have at his beck and call.”


Produced by Javeenbah Theatre Company in cooperation with Technicolour Theatre Company

Adapted, Directed and Designed by Andrew Cockroft-Penman

Musical Direction and Production Management – Naomi Mole
Stage Management – Ella Oliphant & Jaryn Oliphant

Make Up Design – Mikayla Melo
Choreography - Poppy Nowlan, Cassie Baan and Naomi Mole
Production Photography - Connie Nowlan
Technical Operation - Colin Crow, Mikayla Murphy and Alyssa Burnett